Unsolicited Consultation Contract

(Effective Date:  1 January 2012)


You have agreed to all the terms of this contract by dialing my phone, having someone else call my phone on your behalf, or providing my phone number to a third party who then calls my phone.  Messages left on my answering machine also take up my time, and will be considered an “Unsolicited Consultation”.  By agreeing to the terms of this contract, you have waived all of your rights provided by any Laws of any State or Country.  Nothing in this contract will be considered a release from prosecution for any State or Federal Laws violated by you or your agents, or any other civil suites filed as recourse to your violations of said laws.

1.  What constitutes a consultation?

     Any telephone call to my phone, including auto dialed calls, and hang up calls.  Each call will be considered a separate consultation, even when such calls are made within the same hour.  Unrequested flyers, letters, packages, or other documents delivered to my home or place of business, also take up my time and will be considered an “Unsolicited Consultation”.  Preparing invoices, researching to discover the callers address etc., and complaints filed with Federal, State, and Local Agencies, are also considered a consultation, and will accrue additional charges as they occur.

2.  Consultation Rates and Fees:

     If you cannot afford these rates, do not agree to them by calling my phone number, in an attempt to collect debts that I do not owe, sell me some product or service that I have not requested, or attempt to scam me out of my money or personnel information.  All rates are hourly, one hour minimum per consultation.  No Exceptions. The ignorance, stupidity, or other mental deficiencies, of you, your employees, your agents, or your associates, is your issue and not mine.

     Standard rate:    $750.00 per hour.

     Holiday and weekend Rate:    $1500.00 per hour.

Debt Collectors:  All consultations with Debt Collectors, their employees, agents, or associates, for any reason at all will be billed at $500,000 per hour.

VA Loan Refinancing:  All consultations regarding refinancing a VA Loan will be billed at $300,000 per hour.


3.  Terms of Agreement:

     If you are a third party, acting on behalf of someone else, you assume all responsibility for the amount due, and it is your responsibility to collect your reimbursement, if any depending on your agreement with the primary consulter, from the primary consulter.  The primary consulter’s refusal to reimburse you does not relinquish your obligation to pay the consultation fees, late charges, and collection fees if applicable.  All amounts are in US Dollars.


     Payment in full must be made within thirty (30) days of the date on your initial invoice.  If full payment is not received within thirty (30) days, a late fee of 10% of the invoice amount or $75.00, whichever amount is greater, will be added to the outstanding amount due.  This late fee will apply to each subsequent invoice as well.  Subsequent invoices will be mailed every thirty (30) days, until the account is paid in full, or is considered delinquent.  If no payment is received within ninety (90) days after the first invoice is received, the account will be considered delinquent.  Delinquent accounts will continue to accrue the late fee every thirty (30) days, until the full amount is collected.


All delinquent accounts will be sent to an attorney for collection.  By allowing your account to become delinquent, you agree to be responsible for all attorneys’ fees, court costs, and my standard consultation fee as stated above, which will apply for all time that I spend in court or meeting with my attorney.