And it came to pass, in the Land of Systems, that a Great Implementation was to take place.  So the Lords and Mages of the Kingdom of Systems cast their gaze about for men and women of Valor and Purity of Heart to be Heralds throughout the World of the Great Implementation. Their gaze fell on the Lands to the North, and the Lands to the East, and the Lands to the West, and the Lands to the South, seeking all those deemed worthy of the Fellowship of Implementors. And then they sent forth their word throughout the Lands and their word was a summons of Great Joy to those of the new found Fellowship.

But low, in the hottest days of Summer, as the Idiot of Iraq proclaimed his stupidity to the World, and the days of the Dog approached, a shadow fell on the Kingdom of Systems for one of the Fellowship had been found wanting.

So once again the Lords and Mages cast their gaze on the Lands to the North, and the Lands to the East, and the Lands to the West, but to no avail.  And their hearts grew heavy, for there were none there found to be worthy of the Fellowship.

Then saddened and feeling great remorse, their gaze once again fell upon the Land to the South.  And they became puzzled.  For they beheld a Great Light they had not seen before.  A Shining Star that dispelled all the shadows from the Land to the South.

With great wonderment, they called out to the people of the Lands to the South, "What is the Nature of this Great Light that dispels the shadows from your Land?"  And a voice rose up from the people of the Lands to the South and the voice did reply:

And the Lords and Mages of the Kingdom of Systems gave thought for a moment and spoke among themselves.  Then they called out once again to the people of the Lands to the South, "Send us this Silicon Knight, that we may know more of him, and his Glorious Light might bathe all the Lands with it's splendor."   And their words brought much sorrow and woe to the peoples of the Lands to the South.  But they did yield, for they were not selfish of Heart, and they did truly know that the Light of the Silicon Knight could indeed brighten all of the Lands and dispel the many shadows that dwelt therein.  Thus with Great reluctance they sent forth the Silicon Knight to the Kingdom of Systems.

And thus with time did the Silicon Knight arrive at the courts of the Kingdom of Systems.  And the Lords and Mages did see that His Great Light was not a mere reflection, but was powered from deep within. "What is your name?", they asked. " And tell us what is the Nature of your Great Light?"

And when he spoke the very Walls of the Kingdom did lend voice to his words.  "I am called Sir Cain by many of this World and my decree is thus:


Software, the Final Application.
These are the programmings of the Silicon Knight.
His continuing Mission:
To explore strange new Operating Systems.
To seek out new and better Computer hardware.
To Boldly PEEK(where) no man has POKE,d before!

Strange words did float before them, as an unseen chorus sang for the glory of the Silicon Knight.

And the Lords and Mages of the Kingdom of Systems did know that the Great Implementation would be all the more Greater with the Light of the Silicon Knight!!!


"Know, O Lords of the Systems, that between the years when the Apple was no longer but a fruit, and the 20th Century came to a close, there was a Program undreamed of, where shining Subroutines Lay spread across the CRT, like Waves beneath a Sunset....

Hither came Cain, the Programmist, Brown Haired, Sullen Eyed, Keyboard in Hand, a SSgt, a 906, a Digital Wizard, with many Sorrows and much Laughter, to tickle the Ivoried Keys of the Computer under his Gloved Hands."

Behold O' Lords, this Great Light that you have spied from your towers is none other than "The Silicon Knight"!